The strategies that I learn on my social media journey

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In retrospect, I may have spent half of my life in social media more than anything else in the world. And in those years I spent trying to learn how to achieve success in any platform there are, I have sifted the pointers that I think will be applicable to every social media out there.

Here are the strategies that really helped me get better traction for my account.

Create valuable content

What are you great at making consistently? If it's something that you love doing then it will make things easier and it's more efficient. For me, valuable content is something that your potential followers would want to consume.

Spam content and promo content are not revered by the community.

Engage with the community

Actually, this is the key to improving your social network almost immediately. Even the bigger names on a platform will appreciate real engagement towards them. Here's the thing, most of the time you will be ignored but don't let it discourage you and disrupt your motivation.

Be respectful

If you're seeking support from followers/investors, make sure that you do it in such a way that it isn't uncomfortable for them. Don't spam them asking for their support as it's the most annoying thing to act towards them. Be direct on your request but do it graciously. If they don't react to it then they are probably not interested in it. In that case, move on and find someone that will find you interesting enough for their support.

Incentivize your supporters

Aside from providing valuable content, your supporters/investors will be very pleased to get some exclusive benefits from you as a content creator. It will keep them motivated to keep supporting you or investing their time/money in you. Don't take your supporters for granted.

I could expand this list but I feel that these 4 are the most important to bear in mind if you want to achieve the success that you dream of for your social media journey.

I hope you find a way to apply these pointers to your strategy. Cheers!

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!


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