Lessons from our mother and families.

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Mother is the most important and first teacher of a child. We get our first education from our mother, then from family. School is the first stage of institutional education. Where we start to get institutional education. But before that we start to get some education about various thing/matter grom my mother and then from our family which is one of the most important and ever lasting. Basically what we know from our mother and family has that most influence on us in whole of our life. So it is very important to focus on what we learn from our mother and family in our early age.

As the learning in our early age from our mother and family is ever lasting, we should give proper education to our children. So that they can survive their whole life in legal and peaceful way. There are many family who are very conscious abou the education of their children from them. But it is a matter of regret that there are too many families who have little focus on this crucial issue. I become very sad while I see this.

But I am very happy that I have got a ideal mother and a good family. I am from a middle-class family of remote rural area of Bangladesh. My family members are not so highly educated but they have enough knowledge to handle us in right way. I have got too much good lessons from my early age from my mother and family. Though I realized a little about that then, but now, in the way of my life, I can clearly realize them. I want to share about a lesson from my early age which my mother taught me.

Once when I sleep hugging my mother whole night, she told me amazing stories. After finishing every story she taught some moral from the story. Once she told me," when you will be matured, if you see you can earn a lot of money or wealth in a short period by little work, then you must think about that money. Because such money has a big chance to be illegal. I realized little about it then. But it has a concrete influence in me. I ever remember that moment when my mom told me that. Now I can realize that. Sometimes I think that I am the most fortunate man in this world having too good and perfect mom. Anyway I always respect and love them not only because they are my guardian but also they gaive me the most important knowledge to survive in this world. Thank you mom and my family members. May Allah bless them.

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So that they can survive their whole life in legal and peaceful way.

Sadly we are seeing that legal depends on who you are as the corruption at the top of the world governments reveal their hands. When this occurs, it is never stopped through peaceful means sadly, and so often has much collateral damage to those on the sidelines just trying to survive.

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