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Despite the underwhelming results of last weeks challenge, I've decided that the one real entry I had made the effort very worthwhile. He took my challenge and added a flavor of humor to it that I had not considered being applied. If you want a funny great read, you can find the post here.

I'm also continuing on because I believe it crucial for the success of Blurt for us to connect with others, which involves revealing who we are and perhaps having fun while we do so.

Today the challenge for the next week is to list some of your favorite fellow Blurtters in a post, and tell us a little about why they are your favorite so we can get to know them a little.

The rules will be as follows.

  • A minimum of at least three people must be in your list. No one should take it as an insult either if they don't make someones list. Having favorites in no way denigrates the real contributions many of us make.

  • Description(s) of what it is that attracts you to this persons contributions to Blurt. This could be things such as qualities you admire about them, talents that capture your attention etc. The list can be pretty much many kinds of aspects. I'm hopeful that perhaps we can get to know one another better if you share things you see in others that perhaps the rest of us may have missed.

  • I Will Only Guarantee The First FIVE qualifying Posts Linked Here In The Comments Will Receive A Full Upvote From Me.

  • I'll Also Be Upvoting Great Comments On These Posts. If The Comment Is Such Quality It Could Be A Post Itself, Don't Be Surprised If It Also Receives A Full Upvote By Me. So Don't Be Discouraged I Can Only Pick The First Five Qualifying Posts.

  • The Tag beingsocial Needs To Be Used. Hopefully It Will Make The Posts More Easily Findable For Others.

  • Copy pasting from other sources defeats the intent of this challenge. That will result in a disqualification.

  • I can for whatever reason decide your post doesn't qualify. However, I don't foresee this happening.

  • Please just try to have fun with this, and at the same time we can get to know more about you and by extension those who you have grown to treasure here at Blurt.

My Favorite Blurtters Are

Please add the @ symbol before each name if you wish to visit their blog. I never place one out of habit, as so often we see that is an attempt to get an upvote from those people. I've despised that since I saw it taking place on Steemit those years ago, so don't do it myself. I figure if they read my posts they will vote accordingly without the despicable action of begging through tagging. In fact, a heads up. I most often don't upvote posts when I see others doing this and it's a blatant attempt at trying to garner upvotes one normally wouldn't get.

  • freakeao is one whom I appreciate very much here. His contributions both in witnessing coupled with his sharp wit and honorable conduct quickly caught my eye. They say water rises to its own level, and I feel the bind that formed between us is a proof of that. He has a wide array of interests from music to desiring to help others that define him as a quality person, one of the few who would be worthy of the title of friend if he was of a mind to call you one. His wit as displayed in the contest last week is magnetic, a true gift for those who get to witness it.
  • double-u is perhaps the single largest catalyst in bringing interaction here at Blurt. I see so many attempts to cause this fail, and every week he single handedly is able to attract through his pub more comments than most posters might see in a year of their posts if you exclude the curating accounts I was here comments. Not only has his initial investment played a large role in Blurt existing, his desire to see us bind together on the social side is topped by no one. He dedicates both his time and resources into making his investment also an investment in us.

  • rycharde is both an intellectual and magnetic personality. His posts are perhaps the most enlightening I've found here at Blurt. Coupled with his strong opinions and pulling no punches, he has been a teacher for me on many levels. He offers areas of knowledge that have been unexplored for me, as well as his personal assessments have been a great cause for self examination, especially when I Don't want to agree with him. While opposed to his view of many being scum or less worthy, his examples of why are like rocks I break myself on. On principle I have to push aside the agreements I may have, despite a part of me whispering he is correct. A true gift when one is forced into an arena with areas of themselves they wish weren't there. He is a true teacher, for those who are willing to walk into the shadows of themselves where most dare not tread.

  • elkezaksek is perhaps the most interesting individual here at Blurt. Her and her husband live quite an adventurous life, backpacking across the world. During their travels, the pain and struggle they witness called to their hearts, and they now dedicate themselves to easing that struggle as best they can. Her blog is a diary of sorts of the things they have accomplished, giving us all a peek into both the struggle others are having in the world live daily as well as the smiles gestures can bring when we acknowledge and seek to lighten those struggles. In some ways she too is like a rock for me to break myself against. Her view of humanity is similar to rycharde as far as the scum part. The juxtaposition of her views contrasted with her actions on behalf of others is worthy of study. She is the epitome of not being that which one finds repulsive. As with rycharde, her intellect and will is quite strong, coupled with a passion that makes an impact on those who encounter her.

  • blessed-girl is a blessing because of her heart. She doesn't post much, however when she does it always makes for a compelling read as she shares both the struggles and blessings that make up her life. She discusses at times her children, and the bonds they have as we all make our way through these unsettling times. She is perhaps well known here most for the work she does for Mr. Cornell in curating projects. I find she has kindness/softness that adds quality whenever she makes her appearances. The final quality I admire about her is she understands her value, and always presents herself with dignity and humility.

  • Mr. Cornell is in many ways like double-u. He has invested a lot here, and dedicates it to his many curation projects. He pays others with rewards (such as blessed-girl) to spend their time curating the posts here. His selfless dedication to Blurt and the community is an extension of his life spent caring for others in the physical world around him.

I'm going to leave off here. There are a couple who I would have listed, but they have left Blurt now so bringing attention to them would be pointless. They are sorely missed however, and may be the subject for a future post or challenge, I don't know.

If you weren't listed, please don't feel its because you are unappreciated by me. I simply can't list all I find bring quality here, as so many don't read my already long posts anyway, plus my time is limited as well. So many to love here, for many reasons.

I'm hopeful this weeks challenge will see more action. Edifying those we appreciate is a great way to strengthen our bonds. It's always a nice thing when we are told we are appreciated and why. Edification doesn't take place enough in life. There is a beauty in our neighbors that enriches us all if we can see it.

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Blurt is cool but ever since got blocked from my office computer I haven't found time to follow the Blurt community well.

Thank you for this wonderful words !
I'm late, had little time in the last week ...

Here is my entry post of this contest. If you are Interested, you can visit my blog. My thanks go to you.

Thank you for your entry. :)

I hope many will read it, getting to know both yourself and those you list better.

I hope so. And the contest will be more successful if they also join in this contest.

hey what a nice comment about me. Thank you, thank you very much for those cute words, they encourage me to keep going :)
I will try to participate in the game ... I saw the previous one but I am not very eloquent, and I do not write very long things, so I thought that it would not make much sense to participate by writing something short considering that you are very eloquent.

they encourage me to keep going

Then they served their purpose. Edification for ones quality is something the world needs more of.

I saw the previous one but I am not very eloquent,
so I thought that it would not make much sense to participate by writing something short considering that you are very eloquent.

Please never judge yourself as lacking in comparison to another, especially myself.

Over the years I've gotten into many a debate with what I call grammar nazis. They will completely ignore a message in order to pick apart any little mistake in grammar they can find.

My message to them, and to you here is this.

Words are a tool to communicate. If the message one is seeking to share is understood, then the words were used correctly and that communication took place.

As for eloquence, yours shines through so very much. Eloquence doesn't always reside within fancy words. Fancy words just sometimes aids in highlighting eloquence. But please remember this.

Eloquence is the energy of the person that is placed within the words, the message being conveyed. I think all would agree that your words are indeed eloquent, and leave their mark on those who would read them. Your sharing is captivating, as you share your families life with us.

I still think from time to time, for example, about your husband sitting in long lines for gas. When you shared that, it allowed us for example to know how dedicated your husband is to the needs of your family being fulfilled. His love for your family to push himself to ensuring there is gas to enable the other things it is used for speaks both to his character, as well as his assessment of his family.

When you share your activities with your children, it lets us all witness birthdays, activities such as painting and enjoying treats. You invite us into both your struggles and triumphs, and do so with grace.

I would say there is much eloquence to your sharing, with both Blurt and myself most fortunate when you choose to share.

Thanks, I have unpublished time. Every day I think that I will make a publication and then I do not have time, I will try the weekend, I have thought about which are my favorite blurts to participate in your challenge :)

I look forward to reading it. This challenge reveals perhaps more about the participant/author than it does about those they like best. I also think its great for others to see that others really appreciate them, both as a person and what they share with the rest of us.

That's right, I think that will motivate those chosen by each author :)

mmm... I did think it odd to see so many comments.
IN A POST should be in bold caps in a halo ;-)

IN A POST should be in bold caps in a halo ;-)

With red arrows from all directions with captions that say READ ME, lol.

I do often wonder how much the language barrier plays here. Sometimes I double check the translations, and have found (specially with Spanish) I need to erase whole sentences because I can't figure out how to make it stop changing gender or assigning one where there shouldn't be one. Coupled with word changes as well, it can be quite exasperating.

One positive from all of that translating is I never did it myself before coming to Blurt. I was humbled at how many were needing to do it to read my posts, enough that I realized I was shorting myself by not doing it as well.

Cool - and thanks! That's a fair assessment, actually - always feel free to disagree... then it dawns on you that... you don't!! lol. Will reblurt this from BYT account :-) Having a reblurtable account could make a huge difference.

then it dawns on you that... you don't

Sadly I've always known. Terrible things were done to me when I was a child. For many years I hated most people. It took me a lot of soul searching, stalking myself to drop most of that from myself. It reminds me of that old tale of the two monks.

A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her cross to the other side.

The two monks glanced at one another because they had taken vows not to touch a woman.

Then, without a word, the older monk picked up the woman, carried her across the river, placed her gently on the other side, and carried on his journey.

The younger monk couldn’t believe what had just happened. After rejoining his companion, he was speechless, and an hour passed without a word between them.

Two more hours passed, then three, finally the younger monk could contain himself any longer, and blurted out “As monks, we are not permitted a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

The older monk looked at him and replied, “Brother, I set her down on the other side of the river, why are you still carrying her?”

Where I fail, is I still to some degree carry the "woman" if you would. I think therapy and shrinks are liars when they say crap like, one can make bad experiences heal. If it was wrong when it happened, it's still wrong now.

For myself, the best one can do is similar to the parable above. I can't undo what I've experienced, and when I revisit it either through memory or a new experience that calls the old one forth as comparison, it still evokes a call for outrage and anger. My only counter to it is to perform an action elsewhere (setting the woman down), redirecting that energy that would seek to give life to that hatred and anger.

Those thoughts (Tulpa) never fully go away, waiting for their chance to be reignited with power and vitality if I were to choose to give them my energy. I choose not to, although their whispers can be quite convincing. How could they not, when so often they are grounded in truth. I just want more for myself than what they create. Want more for others I care about, than what those forms would make reality.

The old tale: wonderful!

Done! lubricating the wheels of social industry.

This is a interesting contest for everyone and everyone should join in this contest #beingsocial. So i am taking part in this and writing about my Favourite 3 Blurtters.

I know about Blurt from @steemibu351. This man helps a lot and i will be nothing in blurt without his help. And when the hard days were going for blurt he told me to stay writing here, he gave motivations when i wanted to give up. In every single decision he helped me, he knows history and write history very
well, i read his posts and try to learn history. So i am grateful to @steemibu351 the most favouite person on blur.

From the starting of my journey in steemit i followed @r2cornell. That time he helps a lot the new users to grow up, he did post there regularly and i follow his post to lear everything he share in his post. But now he has a discord community and there he support everyone who share their post link there, no matter which platform you post, everywhere he supports, steemit, hive, blurt everywhere he has a good reputation. He want to support everyone on every platform , this thing i like the most about him, thank you so much sir @r2cornell for your contribution for us.

I also like the work of @kryptodenno here. Daily he runs a Delegation Raffle and choose a winner randomly from his post's comment and as the prize he delegate 2500 BlurtPower ti the winner. I knew him from steemit, he is doing same work in steemit also. Now a days no one want to help for free but this man delegating everyday 2500 blurtpower. He is doing this for free, that's why i like his work. Thanks a lot for helping everyone @kryptodenno.
I think i write those things from the deep of my mind and please forgive me or mention me if i was wrong or did mistake in anywhere. Good day everyone.

I'm sorry, I believe you've misunderstood the challenge.

I wish you to write your own post, that will be in your blog for others to see.

I wish for it to be about the person themselves. About what draws you to them, why you feel they add quality to Blurt.

I wish to encourage a more social connection here, which means knowing one another and what others value in us. Edification is a powerful bond, and perhaps if others can see how much they mean to the community it will cause a stronger bond. As well, it could also lead to people here discovering others they overlooked because they missed a quality someone else sees in them.

I apologize for my mistake, i will post it in my blog and will write these with more focus.

Here it is a nice contest from you. To start and smooth my journey on blurt, there are a lot of people who have helped me. So i am grateful to that person.

First of all i am grateful to sir @r2cornell. He is the person who have brought me on blurt. I knew him from 2018 when i worked on steemit. In september, 2020 he asked me if i knew about blurt platform. I answered negatively. Then he guided me to join on blurt and gifted about 1.2k blurt. And still now he helps me a lot in any problems. Whenever I face a problem on blockchain, i told him and he also help me. I never thought that i can go so close to such a big user on here. He is one of the most modest and kind people i have ever seen. Thank you sir @r2cornell for everything.

Secondly i want to say about you dear @practicalthought. I don't know the real name of you but i can't forget your personality that i recognize from some past days just here on blurt. As more i can say about you truly, your thoughts are very clear and logical. Moreover, before you no user interact with me and my post so nicely. I can discuss with you about some matter that helps me to learn more and broadens my outlook. I am grateful to my Allah because by his grace i have found you. Thanks a lot dear. I always love to stay in touch of you.

At last i can say about my friend @harmonic. He is my very close friend in real life. His real name is Md Sohanur Rahman. After joining on blurt i first invite him to join here. Then i and he started to work together on blurt. We have a lot of ups and downs. But we are by side of each other not only on blurt but also real life. About six months ago i was in trouble and left blurt. But he insisted me to back here. I am very happy to have a good friend like him.

Anyway i have a lot of good user beside me on blurt now. But i can never forget this three people.

Everyone should join in this contest. #beingsocial

Hello, thank you.

I mentioned on another comment here, I need you to post this to your blog please, using that tag.

It will allow those who follow you to also see your post, and could help others you appreciate be found by users who are unaware of them or their qualities.

Thanks a lot. I misunderstand it. I will post it on my blog soon.

Congratulations, your post has been curated by @r2cornell. Also, find us on Discord

Manually curated by @abiga554

logo3 Discord.png

Felicitaciones, su publication ha sido votado por @r2cornell. También, encuéntranos en Discord

I am honored by your words. As I have mentioned in some opportunities, I feel that you have been a guide, a friend and above all a real person in this technological world for which I feel grateful for being able to share opinions and topics that go beyond everyday life. Once again I will be participating in this contest.

I look forward to reading your post, as always. Thank you for your kind words as well, I'm also honored.

I participated in this challenge for the first time today. I found the challenge enjoyable. However, if there is a mistake, you will correct it.

I saw this post yesterday. The author of the post is @rakitic. This post is about a beautiful friendship between a little girl and a calf.
The author of the second post is @killerkuasha. He wrote in this post about the problem of suicide and ways to get rid of it. The post is an instructive post and a lot of important posts
The third post is writing about the current war situation in is a political news also. I am interested about this. That's why I like this post. It is written by @steemibu351

I'm sorry, I believe you've misunderstood the challenge.

I wish you to write your own post, that will be in your blog for others to see.

I don't wish for it to be about a specific post. I wish for it to be about the person themselves. About what draws you to them, why you feel they add quality to Blurt.

I wish to encourage a more social connection here, which means knowing one another and what others value in us. Edification is a powerful bond, and perhaps if others can see how much they mean to the community it will cause a stronger bond. As well, it could also lead to people here discovering others they overlooked because they missed a quality someone else sees in them.

Smile. Good ones you have upthere though, I wish to be more Blurtter best post as well.

I invite you to participate in the challenge.