Poverty is the destiny, result of own hard work? Or a curse?

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Many people have given different definitions of poverty. Many people think that poverty is dependent on the result of their deeds, many people think that poverty is dependent on fate, and many people call poverty a curse. I think poverty is not a curse. It is not congenital. It is the result of our deeds, and depends on our destiny. so we need - work hard, improve your condition and believe in destiny.

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Many people are born into poor families, but they improve their economic status through hard work, they become rich. A lot of money can be earned through hard work. People can change their destiny through hard work. Can improve their economic situation.

But there are many people who are born into rich families, but their economic situation continues to deteriorate because they do not work hard later. Fate made them rich. But because of not working hard, because of laziness and not using resources properly, their condition worsens again, causing economic hardship. I have seen a lot of people who used to be very rich, who had better economic conditions, they had a lot of wealth. But unfortunately they are now living in poor conditions, their economic condition has improved, they have now become a much lower income family. Do you think just sharing has brought them to this point? Or are they responsible for their present condition?

I want to say one thing. That is, the day I spend today is the result of what I did yesterday. And how I spend my life tomorrow depends on what I do today. But we must believe in our destiny.
I want to say in one sentence, work hard, improve your condition and believe in destiny.

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