My Favorite Blurters - Challenge

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I'm late...
First of all, thank you @practicalthough for the great idea of making these challenges.
You are one of the people here who do a lot for this blockchain through your commitment.
I'm always impressed by how much time you take
write detailed comments.
It's a shame there aren't any more people like you here.

@michelangelo3 lured me to this blockchain.
He made a post about our Uganda project and raised money with others here.
I wanted to say thank you personally and that's how I came to Blurt.
He's done a lot not only for me, but also for the blockchain, and he's a wonderful person.
Unfortunately he has said goodbye, is taking a break, but as far as I'm concerned I am sure that we will hear from him again at some point.

As soon as I was here, @double-u wrote to me, saying how happy he was about it, because now he could better support me and our project.
That in turn meant that I went to the pub one evening. Yes, and as it is, you get to know new people there. I have a lot of fun with the quizzes that take place there. Yes, you can win great upvotes, but I wouldn't have any less fun if it weren't for that.
The amazing thing is that I now have the feeling
to know the others.
If someone is missing, you even think about it and hope that everything is okay.
It is also nice that people from different countries / continents come together there.
That someone has put so much of his own money into Blurt and keeps every Sunday evening free to do the pub deserves all our respect!

Of course, if you are in the pub, you cannot pass our @reiseamateur!
He not only makes sure that we play the lottery every week,
but is also otherwise very committed.
For example, he recently created Blurt mugs.
At the moment he is unfortunately sick with Covid and to be honest, I'm worried because we haven't had any signs of life from him for days. Dear Karl, if you're reading this, I hope you and your wife are fine. All the best and get well soon!

Then there is also @freakeao, who is very involved in the community and who will hopefully stay with us.
Very interesting posts and comments that are always worth reading come from him.
We need more people like him here on the blockchain.

Blurt is really a great blockchain.
It's fun to be here.
It is something special that the developers at Blurt can be reached at any time. This is not just about money, but also about visions and matters of the heart.
Thank you all!
There is a great willingness to help here anyway.
Of course there is also some discussion and argument, but that's a good thing!

Personally, I am very, very grateful for the support I have received from many here, including for our Uganda project.
I thank you for that too!
I could now name some of my favorite blurters
e.g. @dotwin1981, my favorite quiz opponent, or one of my favorite accounts @leifasaur, who takes us to Africa and often has exciting stories in his luggage .....
but I'll stop now, otherwise I'll be sitting here hours later .....


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A great list, I love reading such beautiful feelings that are genuine and that are born here in Blurt, it is like a magical world where everything can be possible.
They are lovely people, your selection, I hope one day we can all meet each other, it would be great, I imagine myself with my phone translating everything so I don't miss anything lol.
I share my best wishes and I hope you continue reading a little more about yourself.
Good vibes.

Hi Angelica,
maybe once a day Blurt is going to the moon.
Then we all have the possibility for a big meeting-party!
That is a really nice dream!

I'm glad to have read your post. It is a welcome reminder of how important it is to build community. :)

I will also love to participate here on the challenge soon. It will e a great platform to showcase more people who has so many Special talents.

I reblogged this post already.

Thank you!

Your re-blogging led to my discovery of this post. (Thumbs up.)

Hahahahaha. WOW 😃. I think I'm in for this challenge already. It a good thing to see challenges coming up on blurt. Its a way to make more blurt activities happen.

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Are you from Germany? You have mentioned persons may be most of them are from Germany. And they are your favourite to you. Anyway, i am very happy to see that you visited my blog. Thanks a lot.

Yes, I am from Germany and we have a project in Uganda.
We help the poorest people there to have a better life.

Oh, that's good to hear from you. Don't you post about your project here on blurt? I am a new visitor of your blog.

I always post about our project. Look at my posts, there you can find a lot information....

I read some of your post and knowing about your project. That's good. I will keep following you. Because i always love to stay with good people.

You are welcome!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Teilnahme. In deinem Beitrag werden so viele tolle Konten erwähnt. Ich habe Leifasaur erst kürzlich entdeckt. Ich wusste, dass er für BlurtAfrica kuratiert, und das hat mich dazu bewogen, mir den Account genauer anzusehen.

Zu meiner Überraschung habe ich einen Blog gefunden, der vielleicht zu den Top 3 oder 4 hier bei Blurt gehört. Sein jüngster Permakultur-Beitrag hat mich wirklich gefesselt. Ich habe diese Art von Beiträgen auf Steem sehr zu schätzen gelernt. Ich bin dort auf eine Frau gestoßen, die durch Südamerika gereist ist.

In einem Beitrag teilte sie Fotos von einem Gasthaus im Wald. Regelmäßig kamen Soldaten vorbei, um sich an den Essensvorräten des Besitzers zu bedienen. Also wurde er schlau und lernte, essbare Blattpflanzen anzubauen, die im Dschungel gedeihen konnten. Die Soldaten erkannten die Pflanzen nicht als Nahrung an, und so hatte er weiterhin Nahrung für seine Familie und die Gäste in seinem Gasthaus.

Es ist etwas Besonderes, dass die Entwickler von Blurt jederzeit erreichbar sind. Hier geht es nicht nur um Geld, sondern auch um Visionen und Herzensangelegenheiten.

Das ist es, was ich mir wünsche, dass es mehr sehen. So viele bei der Kette, die ich verlassen habe, beschweren sich über die Vision und den Mangel an Herz (eigentlich Grausamkeit und Diebstahl). Dennoch bleiben sie dort und unterstützen diese Vision und diesen Mangel an Herz. Die Zukunft ist Blurt wegen der Vision und des Herzens. Es gibt keine langfristige Zukunft anderswo, wenn es um die soziale Blockchain geht.

Thank you so much for participating. So many great accounts mentioned in your post. I only recently discovered leifasaur. I knew about his curation for BlurtAfrica, which is what drew me to giving the account a closer look.

To my surprise I found a blog that is perhaps among the top 3 or 4 here at Blurt. His recent permaculture post has really captivated me. I grew to appreciate those type of posts on Steem. There was a woman I came across there who was traveling through South America.

In one post she did, she shared photos of an inn that was in the forest. Soldiers would come by regularly to help themselves to the owners food supplies. So he grew crafty and learned to grow edible leafy plants that could grow in the jungle. The soldiers didn't recognize the plants as food, so he continued to have food both for his family and the guests at his inn.

It is something special that the developers at Blurt can be reached at any time. This is not just about money, but also about visions and matters of the heart.

This is what I wish more could see. So many at the chain I left complain about the vision and lack of heart (actual cruelty and theft really). Yet they stay there supporting that vision and lack of heart. The future is Blurt because of the vision and heart. There is no long term future elsewhere when it comes to social blockchain.

Interesting. Was just thinking about the different kinds of finsoc promotions I could do - one of them is to solicit the best posts from users - without widespread reblogging it can be hard to find good stuff - but I CAN reblurt, so that will be the service :-) Just gimme time to create a post on this.

Ohhh, I just stopped by and was pleasantly surprised at first by the mention of me, for which I feel fortunate and grateful for your words. Secondly Herores by David Bowie is one of my favorite songs, and although it is a great song other musicians have always wanted to bring it back to the present by doing covers. So I leave you the link of the two versions that according to my taste are almost perfect.

Funny, was going to post about heroism today.
The quiet heroes, who continue to do what they feel is right, often against the prevailing propaganda.

probably ;-)
I'm currently reading "Language of the Third Reich, LTI Lingua Tertii Imperii" by Victor Klemperer.
Horribly similar to now.

The first chapter is on the propagandist cartoon type of heroism loved by tyrants - in contrast to the heroism of the dissidents.