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This is a doodle I did the other day...

Today is the first post I have written on Blurt. I am tired of being tracked by the CIA on Hive, so I have come over here, hoping for a new version of something like the old days of Steemit - like August 2016 when I was still naive to the ways of the world.

My friend @sift666 told me that I can use my steemit keys to unlock my Blurt account and so I gave it a try.

I knew something was coming, but I certainly did not know it was going to be a skamdemic and that I was going to lose all my friends and family because I didn't get jabbed.

I would like to feel like I am free to talk about here, what I am doing in my community without feeling like I do on Hive - like if I say anything truthful, I am going to attract trolls who will come and infiltrate our freedom groups we have created to prepare for the shit-storm that is coming.

Mixed Media, paper mache and paper clay with acrylic; 11" x 19" x 2" : I have the inalienable right to travel and migrate as I will Sigil

Here is the Sigil:
it's embedded in the flower of life pattern

I will include my latest pieces of art here. I am working on a set of pieces for a group show for July - called The Truth Show. It will be held at a gallery in Pueblo, Colorado. I am doing 12 Inalienable Rights made into Sigils and embedded on flower of life pattern and then hidden in flower mixed media wall relief sculptures.

For those of you who don't know what a Sigil is- here is a link to a post on how to make them: How to make a sigil.

We have a few freedom groups right now -

This Saturday, we are teaching HAM Radio class, and Beekeeping. A few weeks ago we taught Colloidal Silver.

I am slaving away to get a Private Membership Association. Getting a PMA is and has been the most difficult thing I have tried to do for a long time. I will write a post about it soon. The path to getting a real PMA is fraught with lies and deceptions at every turn. I don't recommend it. I would have preferred to have taken the agorist's approach and fly under the radar, but because of who I work for today, I have to have a PMA.

These are the things we are doing in our community to attempt to create a simultaneous system - while the el-ites try to kill us off.

In addition, I am working on getting access to clean water - I have just purchased a Berkey system and a distiller. I will use the distiller for colloidal silver. As long as we have electricity... my partner is an electrician and he is working on getting us off the grid with solar and wind.

In addition to this, a friend and I are hoping to teach art classes - fundamental art classes and spiritual art classes. We are doing a weekly Youtube Art Salon called Drawing Nature In, where we invite people to come make art with us from 5-8pm Mountain Time, while discussing Natural Law. If you want to be a part of that, please go to our website and have a conversation with us to find out how to get on the show.

We are on the One Great Work Network also.

We have found that, making art, prayerfully and meditatively, gives us access to other realms and other assistance to help us carry a message of Nature back to humans to restore our humanity...while the powers that should not be try to turn us into robots.

That's it for now!

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Welcome to Blurt!!! ❤️🤙🍀🌞 Nice doodles!!!🤩

Welcome to Blurt!

thank you!

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I am tired of being tracked by the CIA on Hive

Yeah, the CIA tracking is much better over here. Bunch of second rate trackers giving the place a bad name over there.

My friend @sift666

Now I understand why I can't tell if your doodle is a boy or a girl angel.

On a serious note, welcome to Blurt. There is freedom to be who you are here, although that freedom can also involve disagreement. I'm not much of an art person, but I appreciate free expression.

And if you're friends with frot, your probably weird in a cool interesting way.

.....yeah, admitting that friendship was a schoolboy /girl
(don't tell @frot i said that)

also - did you not see that wikileaks exposed HIVE as a front for the CIA - you can go look - it's right there on their website.

Posted from you have a link ? - which site? - ask @frot about it, He and I have discussed it at length.

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What?! Nowhere is safe from those snakes.

Never heard that one before. I took a look and saw nothing come up for Hive blockchain. You wouldn't happen to have a link for that would you? - of course - all I am going off of is the logo but when you delve deep you see that "Hive" is a front - and they are not going to come out and say "Hive Blockchain" probably - but it's proven out because of how you get attacked by random people when you bring it up - I have a post about it somewhere on my blog - but in addition there's Splinterlands which is being used to enable child labor in 3rd world countries - and other facts about Splinterlands - where there is gobs of fake green paper there is the cia

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I don't think they mean the Hive blockchain. I just gave it a look and Wiki wrote on it sometime in 2017. There was no Hive yet, and was still years from manifesting. It was only the mother company Steem at that time.

I do know Larimers dad was said to be in intelligence, which was the angle I used to hear about a possible CIA connection. But I don't think this is the same Hive.

many people do not but I do. Yes it was in the making. anyhwere there is big money there is the cia. I always look a the logos - the hive logo , a red hexagram and a right side up triangle- black red gray and white. Yup.

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it's funny you can't tell if she's a girl - i even gave her a twat

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Are you a biologist?

It's on'y 'experts' than can give you a correct answer to these very complected questions,

why do you ask?

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lol - it was a pisstake of the current wokeness , referring to the questioning of the the supreme court appointee.

She was asked 'can you define what a woman is...'
She replied "No, I'm not a biologist"

All in good sarcasm.... (you were not being attacked! lol)

I guess you will have to ask him - he is my buddy all the way back to steemit.

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Welcome 🙌🏻 i love the art pieces 💜

thank you!

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Welcome to Blurt. Hope you have fun here.

thank you! I am already having fun - just like old times!

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Welcome !

A PMA ? ,.. i think that is where i live in now ,..
Way below any radar ;-)

yes it looks like you guys know how to write them in nl

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Wouldnt know , left nl last year , the place is lost .
I crossed the mark of Den ending up in the Norway .
Somewhere in a little private town far away in the woods and mountains .
Drinking water fresh from the streams and eating tin caned foods .

Apocalypse now ,.. survive i will ,.. big pharma won't get me ... ;-)

Welcome to blurt :-) I did a post about making sigils too, I’m interested to see if your process is similar to mine or different as there are a few different ways.

I have my own process actually because I don't destroy the sigil - I embed it in artwork and I also include the vowels.

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That downvote button really created the havoc ... in my opinion.
But here it seems that they're actually interested in building solutions rather than rushing to make MOONEYE.

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 11.15.16 AM.png

yea somehow i didn't encounter too much of it except for with gangstalking - what a pain that was because when I asked about it in the discord server they just said it was a bot - but they didn't do anything about it.

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Welcome! It's very different here. No boy kings telling you you've been bad and need to be punished, fined, and/or ostracized. I look forward to your work.

thank you! I am glad to be here! it's much saner already.

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It's more civil generally. Those who don't agree with you tend to ignore you. We have our crazies though. Hive's CIA has spies here, if you are still hoping to be active there.

It worked! Great to see another escapee from the land of the downvote. I'll repost this and hopefully a few more people will see you here.


Thanks for reblogging or it would have taken me forever to find this account, and I am so glad I did.

yes thank you so much - for encouraging me- it's much better here for sure.

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I get the feeling all the real people on Hive are moving over here and leaving all the bots and insiders to have a big circle jerk - they seem to actively hate any real content

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Welcome to Blurt. I think you will like it here. I’ve been posting very random stuff for the past 2 years now…. It’s nice to be somewhere without downvotes too. Enjoy the new Freedom.

thanks OGL -

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