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Banksy is better.

Have some rare steak.

That wants me to eat more steak now 🤣

😂 Frot and I are a tad silly at times, oh and my old buddy lucylin.

What's a platform without a bit of humor at least we don't get downvoted keep bringing it on 🤣

Now that is porn and you should be on a coal list!


Oh my, forgot that creature existed.

Ha' as i have a phd i can answer that ,.. phd ( past hive dreams )

Now as a biological body without boobs , (and then i mean the ones actually for producing milk to feed a infant , so if there not there after about 15-16 years around from birth , you can most certainly count yourself as a body without boobs .) .. there is indeed a vaccine for boobs . It's in the form of a pill with monthly booster pill's . Body's with boobs and a slit ( important as body's with boobs and a stick are excluded from this for they already have boobs ) .. take these pills monthly to be sure the concept of no boobs will not overcome them ,. it's called anti conception .
Now for a body without boobs ( and a stick ) these pills will grow them some over time , start ones a day a pill to shake up the system and after a year bring it back to 1 or 2 pills a day . ...and tada! enjoy your boobs .
Little side note , it will shrink of your balls ,. but he'.. boobs look so much better .

Disclaimer : this comment was utterly bullshit ,.. ;-)

Where's the fun in commenting after a disclaimer.
so not fair!
esp after such a cock n boobs story.

This comment the disclaimer said ,.. nothing about the info given in it .
As i do have that phd ,.. and there is possibility of truth in the other info given .
I think the bullshit part sit's in the way i described it all ,.. WOKE as a multicolor rainbow ..

Damn i feel weird now ,.. writing while obeying the whole woke narrative ,. i need a beer and a raw stake now ,,, ;-)