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Sorry to keep going on about Hive over here, I'l stop after this one last bleat!

Ten days ago I did a post saying "That's it, I quit!" and didn't get a single comment. So I wrote two comments myself, and then did a post talking about my last ever Hive post here on Blurt.


Soon after that I got three comments from people on Blurt who went to Hive to look at it. And later on, two accounts on Hive who didn't want to be seen commenting on my post contacted me on Bastyon chat.

But what really blew me away is that for the past six months every post I've done on Hive has been downvoted to zero by a cabal insider - a trumped up little twat called @azircon - but this time, for once he couldn't even be arsed downvoting me.


So I quit and nobody even noticed. What a sign out after more than 5 1/2 years! I feel like Will Smith has just pretended to bitch slap me...


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I don't feel that way, I could give a damn what anyone thinks about who I talk to and where. That's just weird, slinking around to talk to someone! I guess I have to giggle at my recent shout out post, basically describes my life, a mixed bag of opinions and beliefs are this girl's friends 😆

There is a point on Hive where you are a risk to anyone who is seen engaging with you - I suspect several of my very few remaining friends on Hive are getting downvoted because they hung out with me! - So for anyone who wants to earn on Hive, avoiding me is a good idea.


The fact that people over there need to go to another platform to communicate with you, as they are in fear of becoming a down-vote target themselves tells you everything you need to know.....

Just keep spreading the word about Blurt and it will soon be attractive to all as the price increases. It's amazing how people only get excited after the price has gone up 10x.

Yeah it is I try and see every post as times ten now to help with motivation

Yeah That was rly the point I decided I was 100 percent out was when I wanted to comment on someone’s post but knew I was about to get a downvote punishment for it, I thought this is f**** g stupid what the hell am I doing here.

You just don't have that Hivemind. Shame on your for having your own mind and opinions! lol Everything there is hidden in plain side, even the name. What a joke.

yeah lol it is the hive runs around like minions feeding the queen

Ive already quit posting and commenting on the hive blockchain, and today, last day of march, is the end of my curation from this point...

Trying to sell tokens and swap hive reveals its all a big scam.