Well that didn't work....LOL

in arse •  10 days ago  (edited)

Fakebook are censoring my posts from 11 years ago....


No problem, I will make it libtard friendly!


No, their arse crack detector still picks that one up


I will censor it myself


Oh no! - now I have been suspended from Facebook, I need help, my feelings are hurt, where is BULLYWATCH?????


Bunch of arse...


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BullyWatch = Hivewatchers
Bullying is the NEW Plagiarism.

Your memes are TIGHT bruh 🤬🥓

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Hah! Maybe I just learned something new... it IS the Book of FACE, not the Book of ARSE, after all...

Your feelings should be totally hurt... they are discriminating against ARSE! How DARE they!


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Dude where have you been? - there are big payouts to be earned on Blurt, just look out for bullywatch!