Total Rewards 10,000,000 $ISA Prize pool of 20k$ at ido price Can be a 400,000$ pool easily

in airdrop •  2 months ago 
  1. JOIN :
  • Enter AVAX Address from Metamask
  • Complete All Task
  • Submit Details
  1. Open on Kiwi Browser :
  • Use Avalanche Fuji Testnet Network
  • Click 'Register for free'
  • Verify Email
  • Click '
  • Connect Your Wallet
  • Go to again
  • Click 'Projects'
  • Select 'Islander Testnet Official Event'
  • Scroll Down to 'Quest Board'
  • Claim Reward
  • Click 'Influencer Zone'
  • Generate Affiliate link
  • Submit All Details to :

QUIZ Answer

  1. An online-learn-to-earn and decentralized affiliate marketing platform
  2. All of the options
  3. All
  4. $ISA
  5. All of the options

Custom RPC
Network Name: Avalanche Fuji Testnet Network
Chain ID: 43113
Currency Symbol: AVAX
Block Explorer URL:

Faucet : untuk dapetkan free

ISA Contract Address : 0x15785d24A8B4cd3d5c688D2641273635A39294dE

Note : Mainnet (ARC20) & Avalanche Fuji Testnet address same

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