LARYNX Miner of SPK Network claim drop in less than 90 days - Its implications and effects on Hive. Time to invest more in Hive is NOW

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3 days ago, the entire Hive community welcome the good news from @spknetwork about LARYNX Miner claim drop coming up in less that 90 days. Read the announcement here

In this video, I explained the effects and implications that this announcement will have on hive and the actions we should take in preparation to take the advantage of the great thing about to happen.

Please note that this is not a financial advice.

From the announcement, Hivers will get a one for one drop of LARYNX Miner tokens. This means that the number of LARYNX Miner tokens that each hiver will get will depend on the number of Hive and Hive Power in the wallet.

The effect of this is that more people will hodl and not sell hive, and more people will invest more in Hive by buying Hive in preparation for January to claim more LARYNX Miner tokens.

This will imply that we should be ready for a bull run in Hive.

If we are expecting a bull run, then the best time to invest in Hive is now.

  • HODL your Hive and Hive Power
  • Buy more Hive and hodl

For everyone that will want to invest (buy) more Hive to claim more LARYNX Miner token, the time to do that is NOW. If you wait till January, you might be spending more because by then the price of Hive might have gone up.

I am predicting a $10 Hive by January. I will not be surprised if the price is even more.

Watch the video for more explanation.

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